Parish ‘angels’ embrace struggling pregnant mom

By Lidia Wasowicz – Catholic San Francisco

On a cloudless Saturday afternoon, a host of “angels” at St. Hilary Church in Tiburon flutters around the hall, checking every detail on the balloon-festooned tables laden with savory sandwiches, salads and sweets and piled with festively wrapped baby gifts.

They want to ensure perfection at their first shower for their first “client” since last October’s launch of the parish’s Gabriel Project, which serves and supports the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of moms-to-be in distress.

When she finally appears, a half- hour late due to heavy East Bay traffic, they hover over her with hugs and hellos.

Overwhelmed by the attention and affection, the attractive and very pregnant young woman has no doubt her newfound mentors are heaven-sent.

“I don’t like to ask for help, but I didn’t even have to ask to get this blessing from God,” said a tearful and thankful Elizabeth Ver, 22.

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