Being an Angel to Theresa

When I decided to become an Auxiliary Angel I asked God for help to do his work and I found that I was able to really enjoy my relationship with a lovely girl, Theresa, who just needed a little help.

She called the Helpline asking for diapers and formula and I thought I could certainly help with that.

After a few days I realized that I could give her a shower. Then with the help of my daughters and friends from Church, I began preparing.

One of the ladies made a beautiful cake, another arrived early to help set up and one daughter brought a salad and the other her two little children to play with the mom’s other child.

Theresa brought her sister, mom and sister-in-law. Her son stayed home to play with his cousins. She received many lovely gifts, lots of diapers, a car seat and money for a stroller. We all enjoyed meeting her lovely family and had a wonderful time sharing.

Whenever I had doubts about my ability to fulfill this ministry I prayed and thanked God for his help with this work of his. My confidence would immediately return and I would begin to enjoy each moment again.

One day I called Theresa to see how she was doing and her mom answered saying she was at the hospital and that the doctors were going to induce her.

The next day when I phoned, Theresa answered and told me she had had a lovely little girl the night before.

She is doing fine and the baby’s three year old big brother says, “Mom, don’t worry, I will watch her for you.”

MJ, San Francisco

Theresa’s Shower

Baby Dae’Shawine

Born May 12, 2010


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