Being an Angel

Excerpts from multiple emails received from Auxiliary Angel PG:

* Those prospective angels have no clue what wonderful grace is waiting for them when they meet and mentor moms.

* If we just build up one woman, one family at a time, we can make a difference.

* I cannot tell you what a joy it has been having the opportunity to mentor young mothers and counsel young women who fear carrying through their pregnancies.

* Sometimes I find more heroism and spirit of sacrifice in these very young teenage mothers than their older counterparts. She is a very special girl.

* I told them both that I was an auxiliary angel and it was a very fulfilling and joyful ministry. I talked to them about my girls whom I have gotten to love and who have changed the course of their lives by choosing life for their babies. And as angels, we would have the opportunity of encouraging them.

* The hospital let her leave for a couple of hours last Saturday to attend her baby shower which made her very happy. She’s getting very good care and is excited about seeing her baby in spite of her fears. I brought her a rosary today which she was so thrilled to receive. I taught her how to say it, left her a guide with pictures and showed her which mysteries to say on each day of the week. We went through the prayers together. In Mary’s care, she will find the courage and faith to face all that will unfold in her life.

* She is like a little sponge. We talked about charting her life focused on her daughter and remaining chaste until one day God might bring her a young man who will love them both in the context of marriage. She soaked it up. I just know with God’s grace, she can live up to this ideal.

* I went to visit L and her beautiful new baby at their new place yesterday. What a joyful scene it was with her and her siblings all taking turns having their pictures taken with the new baby.

* This is a perfect case for an angel as I don’t see major problems and they all could just use some support from a caring angel. A teen pregnancy can be very stressful. It helps just to talk to someone once in awhile. I’m happy to do it.

* When her mother first caught sight of me at a distance when we were meeting for the first time, she burst into tears. I knew I represented to her the loving concern of Our Lord, and that she wouldn’t be carrying her cross alone. I felt at that moment I could do this forever. If people only knew what a joy it is to be a part of changing lives.

*I texted ‘L’ last night to ask her how school was coming along. I also told her I loved her and that she was very special to me. This was her response, “I love u too. Since I met u my life turned around”. That sure made my day. What seems effortless to us who care for these moms makes such a difference to them.

Magdalena at 12 weeks


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