Car Decal Facts

Dear Friends,

Whether your parish participants in the Gabriel Project or not, you can help make pregnant mothers  in need of help aware of the program simply by driving your vehicle. This is an excellent way to reach out to them.


The decal is a standard size of 3.75″ by 15″. The advantage of this size is that readability isn’t limited to the vehicle directly behind. It is also readable from vehicles in adjacent lanes, even from some distance back, and to pedestrians on the sidewalk. A smaller size would be extremely less effective.


If size is a problem, the width of the decal can be reduced by at least 2.25″ by cutting off the logo which, although is very nice, is not an essential part of the message. So for tight spots, that’s a reasonable solution for size while maintaining the superior readability of the text over a smaller version. That’s an option you can choose and suggest to your family and friends. You might even have room to place the logo somewhere nearby.


Magnetic decals are likely to be less adaptable to the majority of vehicle rear end configurations, however, if there is room on your vehicle  and you would prefer to use magnetic material, you can purchase a blank car magnet on which the decal can be adhered (click here for an example).


The decals have removable adhesive. They are supposed to be easily removable from 6 months to a year and after that with a little extra effort (like applying heat with a hair dryer before pulling it off).  If after the decal is removed there are bits of adhesive left, you can use an adhesive remover such as Goo Gone or something similar.

If you are concerned about removability (and your vehicle is not a candidate for the magnetic option), replacing the decal with a fresh one every six months should eliminate removal problems as well as scratches, dirt and fading.


You can email me at and I will send you one free of charge.


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