**Implementing the Project

Initiating, Reactivating or Revitalizing a
Parish Gabriel Project


Gabriel Sunday:

A Sunday on which parishioners are encouraged to sign up to attend an informational meeting and/or Orientation Session to learn more about The Gabriel Project. No commitments to volunteer are sought at this point.

Orientation Session:

A description and discussion of volunteer roles, responsibilities and procedures is conducted (required for all volunteers).


  1. Obtaining your Pastor’s approval to implement The Gabriel Project.
  2. Informing parishioners of what The Gabriel Project is all about.
  3. Obtaining a list of parishioners interested in learning how The Gabriel Project works.
  4. Scheduling an informational meeting for interested parishioners.
  5. Scheduling an Orientation Session for potential volunteers.
  6. Determining if you have enough volunteers to have a viable Gabriel Project.
  7. Having the Archdiocese register your parish with the Central Helpline for referrals.
  8. Ordering a sign to be placed on church property announcing that your parish is a Gabriel Project Parish. This requires your Pastor’s approval and is a parish expense.

Steps to Take

Prior to Gabriel Sunday – Inform parishioners about The Gabriel Project:

  • Include a flier within the Sunday bulletin for the two weeks preceding Gabriel Sunday. The flier can contain an overview of the ministry or an invitation to attend an in-depth informational meeting. We have a flier available that can be used for this purpose. [An informational meeting is not the same as the volunteer Orientation Session. Everyone is welcome to attend either or both, but those who volunteer need only attend the Orientation Session.]

On Gabriel Sunday – Obtain a list of parishioners interested in learning more about volunteer roles, responsibilities and procedures:

  • Ask your Pastor (or ask his permission to permit you) to speak from the pulpit.

After Gabriel Sunday – Informational meeting and/or Orientation Session:

  • Conducted by the Archdiocese’s Gabriel Project Coordinator.
  • Can be conducted on a weekday evening or weekend afternoon.
  • Can be any week after Gabriel Sunday (need not immediately follow).

There are three options to choose from to introduce the ministry to your congregation. The options are as follows:

  1. Host an informational meeting only and schedule the volunteer Orientation Session for a later date.
  2. Host an informational meeting immediately followed by an Orientation Session for those who think they might want to volunteer.
  3. Host an Orientation Session only.

Needed Resources

  • Fliers to include in the parish bulletin (can be obtained from the Archdiocesan Gabriel Project Coordinator).
  • Informational meeting and/or Orientation Session signup sheet (only need parishioners’ names and contact info).
  • Volunteer signup form (provided during Orientation Session).
  • Volunteer Handbook (provided during Orientation Session).

Click here to view, print and/or download our recommended flier. You may order as many as needed from our office (no charge).

It would be helpful if, on both Sundays, mention of the flier could be included among the parish’s other announcements.

The following is a sample announcement which may be adapted as desired:

Included with your bulletin today, is an informational flier aboutThe Gabriel Project of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. This is a parish-based ministry to assist pregnant mothers. The flier includes a form to fill out so that you may be invited to attend a future meeting at which you can learn more about this important ministry. We encourage you to do so. Please either mail the form to the parish office or place it in the collection basket next Sunday.


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