*Understanding The Gabriel Project

By Fredi D’Alessio
Coordinator, Archdiocese of San Francisco Gabriel Project

Those who think of The Gabriel Project only as a means of sparing already conceived children and their parents the horrors of abortion fail to fully understand this ministry.

An important attribute of this ministry is its significant potential to build the culture of life.  We must embrace ways of being proactive rather than only reactive and The Gabriel Project offers us a most marvelous way. The presence of this ministry in a parish informs potential mothers of the help that will be available to them should they need it if one day they conceive a child – in some cases several years beforehand. The mind of a child reared in such a parish is formed to recognize the sanctity of the lives of other children still developing in the protection of their mothers’ wombs.  What a wonderful gift for our children, especially considering the past 39 years of the culture of death.

This ministry gives us the opportunity not only to “be there” for pregnant mothers who are considering aborting their child, but also for pregnant mothers who never had the slightest temptation to consider such a horror – some of them because of their awareness of The Gabriel Project. And the more of the latter as years go by, the less there will be of the former. What good we can do if we choose to.

So let’s team up not only to help pregnant mothers who carry the blessing of new life and also, for many, the burden of poverty, but also to save our children. They are being bombarded by the false teachings of those who embrace the culture of death. They are being taught by their government, teachers and the likes of Planned Parenthood that the killing of innocent children in their mothers’ wombs is legal and a right. They have had, tens of millions (in America  alone) of their generation, along with their parents, suffer the horrors of abortion.

Isn’t it time for our community to adequately educate our children? Isn’t it time  for us to present – as clearly as possible – another message to our children? Isn’t it time for us to be emphatic and demonstrative about what we believe?


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