Volunteer Roles

Parish Coordinator

Coordinators are called to be compassionate leaders who coordinate human and material resources. They inspire, moti­vate and encourage Angels and might become personally involved with some Moms.

Working at all times with approval and/or direction from the Pastor, the Parish Coordinator oversees the organization of the project within the parish. This includes:

  • Initial setup of the project.
  • ­Recruiting Angels.
  • Assigning Angels to Moms.
  • Helping Angels fulfill Mom’s needs via the parish community and other resources.
  • Overseeing Angels in their ministry.
  • Communication of information to the parish community.
  • Ongoing promotion of the project within the parish.

Angels (Parish and Auxiliary)

Angels are called to give the love of Christ to the mothers they help. Each Mom should have her own Angel so she can receive undivided care and attention. Very often it is the personal Christian witness of her Angel that inspires Mom to seek Christ in her own life.

  • Angels befriend and minister to pregnant mothers throughout their pregnancies and somewhat be­yond.
  • Angels pray for Mom and encourage her at every stage of her journey.
  • Angels keep the Coordinator informed about the well being of Mom and child.
  • Angels ask the local and parish communities for specific items or services on behalf of Mom.

Assistant Angels

Assistant Angels help on a more limited basis and might help several Moms with a particular need, such as:

  • providing transportation to church, shopping, doctor’s visits, errands, etc.
  • knitting or crocheting receiving blankets, booties, quilts, etc.
  • providing diapers or formula
  • helping with parish Baby Showers
  • cooking, shopping, baby-sitting
  • providing financial support
  • professional counseling (financial, psychological,medical, etc.)
  • providing (or helping to find) employment
  • assisting with finding educational opportunities
  • providing temporary housing

Whatever they do, all volunteers working to help Moms in need act as the Body of Christ and bring love and hope to Moms through their acts of kindness.


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